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We love the Word of God.

We believe in the sufficiency and innerrancy of Scripture. We preach expository messages through the books of the Bible. Our mission at First Baptist Sun City is to make wholehearted followers of Jesus Christ here and abroad.


We love each other.

At First Baptist Sun City, we really love each other. It is our hearts desire to fellowship with one another. WE do this through many activities. Pot luck, fun indoors, outdoor activities, movie nights, women fellowship, baseball games, etc...​



Our church is deeply rooted in God's Word, and we welcome all who are looking for a place to worship. Our pastors are committed to biblical preaching and teaching.

We are a Southern Baptist Church deeply committed to evangelism and missions. At First Baptist Sun City you will find a traditional worship experience, with an occasional contemporary song. God has blessed us with fantastic, talented musicians who are highly skilled on the piano and organ to lead us in the old hymns that many of us have grown to love.

Since we are located in a senior adult community we are primarily a senior adult church . One of the things that you might be glad to see is that we do have children in our church and that families are welcome.  We desire to minister to everyone that the Lord sends our way. 

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